Museo dell'Acqua - (ph. sito ufficio turistico Villetta Barrea)

Water Museum - Villetta Barrea (aq)

"The blue veins of the Earth", with this name, Villetta Barrea and the Ente Parco Nazionale D'Abruzzo, wanted to emphasize the importance of water by creating a museum. The structure is equipped with 12 panels that exhaustively explain both the water system of the Park and the typical aquatic flora and fauna. There is also a very accurate diorama that reproduces the ideal habitat of the otter (Lutra Lutra). Upstairs there is a video room where you can watch movies. On the ground floor you can also admire the "Old Mill", machinery that since the early '900 served for grinding grains and cereals using the impetus of the river Sangro waters, close to the Museum of Water, outside, you can see the water station for electricity production, with the water channel (shape), the small catchment area and the dam for feeding the turbines. A historical-scientific-cultural route, as well as for tourists of the Park, also ideal for elementary school students up to the Higher Institutes. The faunal area of the otter is being set up.

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