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On the way to Hermitages and Sanctuaries

At 1.5 km from the center of Rivisondoli, just at the entrance of the Five Miglia Plan, is the Sanctuary - Romitorio di Santa Maria, called della Portella from the narrow gorge in which it stands. The origins of the construction date back to the thirteenth century and was erected to house a miraculous effigy of the Virgin who, while being transported from distant regions, became in this place so heavy that it could no longer be removed. The building has annexed some rooms in which the last of the hermits devoted to the care of the church lived until a few decades ago. Continue along the Cinque Miglia Plan, crossed by State Road 17; at Sulmona, a detour leads us to Badia where we follow the road that climbs towards the Italic Sanctuary of Ercole Curino. When you reach the square you must continue on foot through a path carved into the rock: the hermitage of Sant'Onofrio al Morrone and the view of the Peligna Valley that from here you can enjoy repaying the effort. Among these harsh and solitary walls is the memory of Celestino V that was reached here by the news of the election to the papacy and here he returned after the "great refusal". From a hermitage perched on Mount Morrone to one lying on a small lake, immersed in an area of high landscape value: the hermitage of San Domenico in Villalago, reached along the 479 for Scanno, which preserves traces of the Benedictine monaco arrived in Valley of the Sagittarius River in 1013.

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