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Art, Faith and Culture

A mountain that offers breathtaking views and that strongly marks the nature of Abruzzo. But the Apennines is also the mountain that, enclosing this territory, has led it to preserve in itself a huge heritage of art and culture. An ancient culture that has settled over the centuries, a search for faith that man has led for millennia, inspired by the solemnity of these landscapes. Today you can still fully experience this cultural and spiritual dimension in contact with our region, austere and therefore so authentic, among hermitages, churches, castles, villages and cities of art, on a journey of discovery that eventually leads to a more deep with oneself.

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Whether you decide to spend only a weekend or a entire holiday in our region,
here you will find ideas and suggestions on the most fascinating places, activities, villages and paths to discover the most authentic Abruzzo!


Curiosity, suggestions, travel stories: information and news to get to know Abruzzo and the many experiences to be experienced in our wonderful region.

Abruzzo Set Cinematografico
11 Sep 19

Dietro le  montagne, le piazze, i castelli,i paesi, le città  i casolari che vediamo in alcune scene di film famosi  può celarsi la  nostra terra : l'Abruzzo.


Localizzazione dei Punti di interesse

Museo Archeologico "La Civitella" - Chieti

Il Museo illustra, attraverso effetti ed ambientazioni visive, i materiali archeologici che documentano la storia della città di Chieti, venuti alla luce in occasione di scavi sulle pendici sud-occidentali della collina, non lontano dal sito occupato in passato dallo stadio della Civitella. Tre percorsi conducono il visitatore alla scoperta di monumenti storici e del territorio: