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Palazzo Sipari House-Museum - Pescasseroli (AQ)

Palazzo Sipari is an important building built in 1858 in the Abruzzo town of Pescasseroli. The palace takes its name from the Sipari family, an important political family from Abruzzo that emerged after the unification of Italy. The Sipari family had the palace built in Pescasseroli also as a distinctive sign of its social emersion, it was in fact built on the occasion of the wedding between Carmelo Sipari, a large armorial entrepreneur, and Cristina Cappelli, a descendant of a noble family. The Sipari family, represented in this phase by the brothers Carmelo and Francesco Saverio, became an important local political family in the years following the unification of Italy. 1866 saw the birth at Palazzo Sipari of Benedetto Croce, son of Luisa Sipari, sister of Carmelo and Francesco Saverio. Palazzo Sipari was also the place where Erminio Sipari was born and raised, son of Carmelo and Cristina, who in future years would become a national deputy, but above all founder of the Abruzzo National Park.

Via Principe di Napoli, 30 PESCASSEROLI

41.8069536, 13.7901693