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The Cupello Artichoke

The Cupello Artichoke, a ecotype that comes from the Roman countryside, is the son of an Abruzzo territory located between the valleys of Trigno and Sinello in the province of Chieti, a few miles from the sea which, in addition to boasting the cultivation of excellent vegetables, boasts a geographically happy position. From a product intended for family consumption, the artichoke of Cupello, also called "mazzaferrata" (for its shape reminiscent of the ancient medieval weapon), has become over the years a symbol of the territory, one of the delicacies of the gardens and surrounding municipalities.
Known for centuries throughout the Vastese area, in the countryside around the town it began to be systematically cultivated only at the end of the fifties, thus becoming the "King" and "Typical Res" of the area. It is exquisite fresh, prepared in many tasty and varied recipes that enhance the flavor or preserved in various ways.

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