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The small and characteristic medieval town of Casalbordino, in the province of Chieti, is located on a hill at 201 metres above sea level. between the rivers Osento and Sinello, a short distance from the Adriatic coast and a few kilometres from Vasto. The historic centre preserves a tower, which is part of the medieval walls, and the eighteenth-century church of San Salvatore. In the main square dedicated to Umberto I stands the imposing civic tower, inaugurated in 1901. In Miracoli, there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli, consecrated on 11 August 1962. Its origin dates back to the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Alessandro Muzio di Pollutri, which took place on 11 June 1576. A rich Benedictine Monastic Library is attached to the Monastery. The local economy is mainly agricultural, flanked by tourism for several decades, thanks to its large sandy lido and accommodation facilities (hotels, holiday centers and camping) that offer warm hospitality and make you taste the typical local dishes, especially seafood. From the Lido di Casalbordino you can reach the spectacular rocky promontory of Punta Aderci and the Natural Reserve of the same name, following a dirt road that runs alongside the former railway track. In the nearby municipality of Pollutri, there is the Regional Nature Reserve Bosco di Don Venanzio, which can also be reached by bicycle.

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Provincia: Chieti

CAP: 66020

Prefisso: 0873

Altitudine: 203m


42.1506327, 14.5847248

The wood of Don Venanzio, takes its name from the last owner who, in 1986, ceded it to the Municipality of Pollutri. Its extension is about 78 hectares and represents one of the last patches of planarian forest of the Adriatic coast, fully protected since 1999 with the establishment of the Reserve.

The Sanctuary stands on the site of the miraculous apparition of the Virgin. Legend has it that on 11 June 1576 a farmer from Pollutri, reciting the rosary, went to his camp to see the damage of a violent hailstorm. Hearing the sound of the bell announcing Mass, he knelt to pray.