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Cappelle sul Tavo

The baronial village of Landerset amidst medieval relics and dances of the Pupe


20 giugno 2023

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Cappelle sul Tavo, Ph. Paride Di Febo, CC BY-SA 4.0


Descrizione lunga

A small hill town that rises between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountain range, at the outlet of the Tavo Valley, Cappelle sul Tavo presents itself to travelers with a historic centre characterized by narrow, linear streets, with buildings that tell in their architecture the different eras of their construction.

Invaded numerous times throughout history by the Barbarians, from 1830 it was controlled by Baron Rodolfo de Landerset, who improved its conditions through works to dam the Tavo River and reinforce the slopes of the hillocks, redistributing the waters of the territory in an optimal way. The village still contains the 18th-century Palazzo dei Baroni de Landerset, with particularly interesting carved corbels, a side balcony and distinctive windows surrounded by denticulated reliefs and decorated with simple silhouettes. The town, connected to the nearby Città Sant'Angelo in Roman times and Montesilvano gained independence in 1905.

Among the riches to discover on your visit to the village is undoubtedly the parish Church of Santa Maria Luterana dating from the 16th century, near the center of Cappelle sul Tavo. Over the centuries it has undergone several restorations and renovations that have altered its original appearance: the façade, originally Baroque like the interior, is now devoid of any decorative elements, with a simple horizontal crowning, in typical Abruzzo Romanesque style. The right flank, bell tower and rear elevation reveal the antiquity of the church, as they have an exposed brick face.

The heart of the village and its deepest identity are encapsulated in a traditional event, the Palio delle Pupe a legacy of the peasant tradition of thanking God for good harvests by lighting various fires throughout the area. Every year, on August 15, right at the end of summer, all city districts prepare their "pupa" a papier-mâché puppet depicting a beautiful woman, bell-shaped, to the outside of which is anchored a metal structure that supports numerous fireworks.

The hollow interior of the puppet houses a dancer, who will enrich the fireworks display with dancing. Between entertainment and old-fashioned atmosphere, it is an event not to be missed. 
Also among the most important events is the Acerbo Cup, a car race on the Pescara circuit that runs through the streets of the village and has made it an important track known nationally and internationally, thanks to the particular beauty of the route, between descents and wide and narrow curves.
The regional culinary tradition is also well celebrated in this village. The dishes leave a vivid memory that beckons again to taste. Among the most delicious dishes you can try fettuccine with duck sauce, pasta alla chitarra with mutton ragout, meat and liver arrosticini, and barbecued lamb chops. 


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