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A medieval town by the sea


23 maggio 2023

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Casalbordino, Miracoli


Descrizione lunga

Casalbordino is a small, characteristic medieval town located on the Adriatic coast, between the Osento and Sinello rivers, a few kilometres from Vasto.

The historical centre preserves a fortified tower that is part of the medieval walls and the 18th century church of San Salvatore. In the main square dedicated to Umberto I stands the imposing civic tower, inaugurated in 1901. In Miracoli, stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli, consecrated on 11 August 1962, whose origin dates back to the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Alessandro Muzio of Pollutri, which occurred on 11 June 1576 and was celebrated annually in June.

A pilgrimage destination, the Sanctuary was also immortalised by the Vate Gabriele d'Annunzio in his novel Il trionfo della morte. Attached to the Monastery there is the Benedictine Monastery Library, with a rich library heritage, especially of religious subjects, with a considerable section dedicated to religious and monastic congregations.

The local economy is predominantly agricultural, flanked for several decades by tourism, thanks to its wide sandy shore and accommodation facilities (hotels, holiday centres and campsites) that offer warm hospitality and offer a taste of typical local dishes, in particular the 'n'droccioloni', long, square-section egg pasta made with the chitarra, an ancient tool used by housewives in Abruzzo, seasoned with a wild boar meat sauce, and the 'Taralluccio casalese', a crescent-shaped cake filled with local grape jam.
From Lido di Casalbordino, you can reach the spectacular rocky promontory of Punta Aderci and the nature reserve of the same name by following a dirt road that runs along the former railway track.


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