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Ancient origins, historical evidence and coastal biotope


12 giugno 2023

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Located at the mouth of the river Tronto, near the border with the Marche region, Martinsicuro is the first of seven seaside resorts in Abruzzo known as the 'seven sisters' to welcome travellers along the 'garden coast' of the Teramo province. 

Martinsicuro boasts ancient origins: archaeological excavations on the hill complex above the Tronto River have identified a large protohistoric village datable between the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age (1000-800 B.C.). Today, the town presents itself as a modern seaside, commercial and tourist centre, paying much attention to greenery and nature. Palm trees, oleanders and pine trees line a very long and picturesque promenade with well-equipped sandy beaches and shallow waters. An ideal destination to relax and enjoy nature, between long walks and refreshing swims. 

But Martinsicuro has also some historical evidence to offer: the Tower of Carlo V, built in 1547 and recently restored, was used to defend the coast from Saracen incursions and as a customs office. Built at the behest of Viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo, it was built under the direction of Captain Martin da Seguera, after whom both the tower and the entire town centre were named. The aedicule on the façade is beautiful and bears the heraldic insignia of Emperor Carlo V (the two-headed eagle of the Habsburgs). Inside, you can also visit the Antiquarium of Castrum Truentinum, which collects and exhibits important archaeological finds from ancient settlements dating back even to the Bronze Age. 

Also worth a visit is the Museum of Ancient Weapons, with antiques of all kinds, from the 1820 carriage that transported Giuseppe Garibaldi from Pianella to Castelfidardo, to a vast collection of weapons and memorabilia, such as an extremely rare 15th century culverin equipped with mascoli and the Bollo Pontificio, a weapon used on the squares of coastal towers.

Of great interest and importance is the coastal biotope, established in 1988, one of the first examples of reconstruction of a dune environment in Abruzzo, capable of hosting numerous botanical species at risk of extinction, as well as providing a protected habitat for the little friarbird that nests here in spring. Visiting it will undoubtedly give you an unforgettable experience. 
In addition to history, sea and the unique dunes, Martinsicuro certainly does not disappoint in the culinary sphere as well, with its typical fish dishes, among which the spaghetti with anchovy pesto stands out.


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