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San Vito Chietino

The turquoise promontory cradle of d’Annunzio, called the Vate


23 giugno 2023

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San Vito Chietino, Trabocco Turchino


Descrizione lunga

San Vito Chietino dominates the Adriatic along the Trabocchi Coast, between Ortona and Fossacesia. The town, described by d'Annunzio as 'the town of brooms', stands on a rocky spur and from its balconies, in particular from the Guglielmo Marconi belvedere, you can enjoy a wide panorama sweeping from the Maiella to the Gargano and the Tremiti Islands.

The village talks about its medieval past with the remains of the defensive walls and its splendid churches. Here, in the place that was the refuge of the Vate for long periods, you cannot remain indifferent to the beauty of the Trabocchi Coast, with sandy or pebble beaches guarded by majestic sandstone cliffs, breathtaking views and atmospheres that smell of saltiness. 
The coastline, particularly jagged, is characterised by the Turchino Promontory, so called because of the crystal-clear sea that takes on the intense hues of the sky. This corner is made even more suggestive by the presence of the Trabocco del Turchino, one of the oldest structures that has become a symbol of our region. But let's take a closer look at what it is. According to some historical documents, the presence of 'trabocchi' along the Adriatic coast is attested as early as 1240. These large 'fishing machines', today architectural elements capable of enhancing the aesthetic and landscape aspect of the area in which they are 'anchored', are the result of the construction wisdom of ancient fishermen, true architectures without architects. Would you really be able to resist the call of such an enchanting sea, to give up taking a regenerating swim in this natural turquoise? 

If this were not enough, behind the promontory, among orange groves and broom, stands Villa Italia, the hermitage dear to d'Annunzio. In this splendid Art Nouveau villa designed by architect Marcello Piacentini, the bard lived many of his passions and drew inspiration for his work 'The Triumph of Death'. 
There are numerous events of various kinds, including, on the last weekend of July, the 'Festa della Madonna del Porto', with an evocative procession at sea on festively decorated boats.

The local cuisine is typically seafood. Try the 'brodetto di pesce alla sanvitese' (fish soup Sanvitese style) and the exquisite pasta dishes dressed in simple fish sauces.
A destination that abounds with possibilities, which you could easily reach on a sunny summer's day, for example, by cycling along the Adriatic Greenway, the long bicycle path that runs along the Abruzzo sea, from Martinsicuro to San Salvo: relaxing and enjoying the splendid panorama offered by the sandy and rocky beaches and the long arms of the trabocchi, is an experience that will remain in your hearts and that you will undoubtedly wish to repeat.


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