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The 'Pearl of the Adriatic' with the most scenic natural terrace on the Adriatic in Abruzzo


23 maggio 2023

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Silvi Alta, Belvedere, Ph. C. Di Giammarco


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There is the powder-pink house with sky-coloured shutters, the Aleppo pines, the sea and its infinite horizon: you are on the belvedere of Silvi Alta, one of the most romantic and popular places in the Teramo area, a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea stretching from Ancona to the Tremiti Islands. Silvi is the southernmost seaside resort on the Teramo coast, a few kilometres from the border with the province of Pescara. 

It is called the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'. Like all the other seaside resorts on the Teramo coast, it enjoys a sea with shallow and sandy waters, especially suitable for family and child-friendly tourism. Behind the wide and well-equipped beaches, the gentle roundness of Teramo's hills welcomes the medieval village of Silvi Alta: supported by round-arched walls, it has largely maintained its original urban layout, with a single central street from which the dense network of alleys and lanes that make-up the urban fabric develops.

A medieval gem that is definitely worth a peek. If you are still not convinced, let yourself be enchanted by its spectacular belvedere from where you can enjoy a unique panorama, ranging from the peaks of the Gran Sasso d'Italia to the Conero promontory of the neighbouring Marche region, to the profile of the Tremiti Islands.
Also testifying to the Middle Ages is the Church of San Salvatore, built in the 11th century, with single-nave interior and Baroque forms. Of particular note among the works inside is the wooden bust of the patron saint San Leone. From the mediaeval past, there remain the two stoups made from the spoils of an ancient Roman temple and the fragment of a fresco most probably depicting St Catherine of Alexandria, dating from the middle of the 13th century.

As with the other seaside resorts, the specialities of seafood cuisine based on fish from the Adriatic are widespread, from brodetto (fish soup) to frittura di paranza (fried fish), without neglecting the other dishes of Teramo gastronomy linked to the land, such as scrippelle 'mbusse, crêpes stuffed with grated cheese and covered in broth, or pasta alla mugnaia.


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