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Torino di Sangro

In the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi, a natural gem just a few steps from the sea


23 giugno 2023

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Torino di Sangro is a quiet seaside resort nestled in the heart of the Trabocchi Coast. It boasts a coastline of about six kilometres equally divided between the sandy beach of 'Le Morge' and the pebbly beach of 'Costa Verde'. In addition to the Marina village, the centre of the town is located on a hill, about nine kilometres from the coastline.

There are several hypotheses as to the origin of the name, which could derive from 'Taurus', an elevated place, or from the 'bull' depicted in the coat of arms. Until the 19th century, it was simply called Torino, then, in order to obviate, above all, the postal misunderstandings often registered due to the homonymy with the better-known Piedmontese city, on 20 July 1862 the town council resolved to change the name to Torino del Sangro. 

The town has hotels, campsites, B&Bs and agritourism companies located not far from the coast, ideal for a comfortable stay between leisure and nature. A stone's throw from the sea, you will find another ideal place where you can relax and take your mind off your worries: the Lecceta Litoranea di Torino di Sangro Regional Nature Reserve, which covers 175 hectares south of the mouth of the river Sangro and includes a mixed forest of Mediterranean scrub, the ideal habitat of holm oaks, but also of manna ash, turkey oaks and downy oaks. It includes nature and hiking trails, a picnic area and a visitor centre, the latter operating in summer. 

In its territory, on a hill not far from the town, there is the English War Cemetery, where the remains of more than 2,600 Commonwealth soldiers who fell in 1943 in the furious battles fought by the British army against the German army along the Sangro River rest. The cemetery, designed by architect Louis de Soissons, traces British culture and traditions. The graves, simple white marble tombstones, are arranged in a semicircle like an amphitheatre and are divided according to the nationality of the fallen soldiers.
The hillside centre of the town preserves the 16th century Church of San Salvatore and that dedicated to Madonna di Loreto. The area is rich in flourishing hills with ancient olive groves and lush vineyards. 

According to regional tradition, Torino di Sangro offers a culinary variety that ranges from sea to mountain, from fish to meat. You can enjoy homemade bread, sweet and spicy cold cuts, homemade pasta served with mutton sauce, bruschetta with cherry tomatoes and local extra virgin olive oil, grilled meat, arrosticini and red wine. You cannot miss the fish with a good brodetto.


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