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Ex Libris Mediterraneo Museum - Ortona (CH)

The Ex Libris Mediterraneo Museum in Ortona, second in Italy and third in Europe, is dedicated to the ex libris, a figurative mark, often accompanied by a motto, which is applied on the finish line of the book to define its ownership (lett. "from the books of").  

Ex Libris Mediterranean Museum has become the landmark for lovers of ex libris of each country. It is open to artistic experiences of any geographical origin, with particular attention to artists from the Mediterranean area. The Museum's collections are currently divided into two sections, Ex libris and Publications, to which another two will soon be added, Documenti and Manifesti.

The nucleus of the section dedicated to the ex libris is the result of an important donation made by the historian Remo Palmirani, who died in 2005, composed of 2900 copies ranging from the early twentieth century up to his contemporaries. To this original nucleus were added the ex libris purchased by the Museum in 2005, in the exhibitions of the artists Umberto Giovannini, Peter Velikov, Ettore Antonini and Natalija Cernetsova.

The fund also includes the donations of Antonio Grimaldi, Luciano Ragozzino, Gianni Bonifacci and Giuseppe Capasso. The corpus of ex libris from the four Biennales and from the "Ex musicis Liuteria del Mezzogiorno" Competition is also suspicious. 
The Museum Library contains for consultation the volumes donated by the Ex Libris Museum, Fondazione Italo Zetti, Egisto Bragaglia, Cristiano Beccaletto, Nicola Otaria and Vittorio Laura.

INFO: Tel. 085 90571


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