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Interamnia Praetutiorum - Teramo

Teramo, the ancient Interamnia (interamnes: between rivers), has its roots in prehistory. Today it preserves several monumental testimonies of the ancient city in its heyday, when it became a Roman municipality. Already the walls of the Cathedral (XI-XV century), in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, show the Doric friezes of the first century. AD, reused for the construction of the church and coming from the nearby amphitheater. The Amphitheater: in the heart of the city, near the Cathedral, there are the remains of the ancient building for the show. The structure dates back to the second half of the first century. AD and is part of the seminar area. What remains is the south-east part, visible from Via Irelli, while the whole north-western part was destroyed and occupied by the cathedral building. The amphitheater had two entrances on the major axis and perhaps a third on the minor axis.The Theater: always from via Irelli is visible part of the Roman theater of early Augustan age (30-20 BC). Several parts are still preserved in the building. You can also see sections of the pavement of one of the side entrances for the spectators. The Ancient Cathedral and Torre Bruciata: on the adjacent square in Via dell'Antica Cattedrale there is the Church of Sant'Anna (once Sancta Maria Interamniensis, then S.Getulio), of the VI century AD, which rises on a residence (domus ) private Roman, whose ruins are visible today under glass sheets. Next to the ancient cathedral stands a Roman bastion, in square work, of the second century BC called "Torre Bruciata". Spas: in Largo Madonna delle Grazie there are the remains of the thermal structure, they seem to belong to the expansion phase of the Roman town hall in this area of the city.

Centro storico di Teramo TERAMO

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