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Parchi e Natura


Parks and Nature

Among the Italian regions, Abruzzo is the one with the largest number of parks and protected areas: three National Parks, a Regional Park and over thirty Nature Reserves, a record that makes the region the largest naturalistic area in Europe, true heart green of the Mediterranean.

Nature Reserves

Travel Proposals, Itineraries & Ideas

Whether you decide to spend only a weekend or a entire holiday in our region, here you will find ideas and suggestions on the most fascinating places, activities, villages and paths to discover the most authentic Abruzzo!


Curiosity, suggestions, travel stories: information and news to get to know Abruzzo and the many experiences to be experienced in our wonderful region.

Tratturo Magno
23 Jul 18

Settembre, andiamo. E' tempo di migrare.

Faggete Abruzzo
23 Jul 18

The great patriarchs of nature, true natural monuments

17 Feb 18

In its parks, perfectly adapted to survive in a world of rocky walls and steep slopes, to the whimsical mountain climate and ambushes of bears, wolves and eagles.


Itinerari consigliati

Cross-country skiing at Bosco Sant'Antonio

The Bosco di Sant'Antonio Regional Reserve in Pescocostanzo, among the most beautiful places for cross-country skiing in the region. Development: 13 km; minimum altitude: 1280 meters - maximum 1360 meters.

In the Region of the Major Highlands of Abruzzo

In the Region of the Major Highlands, from the Five Miles Plan and for the Quarto del Barone and the Oriented Nature Reserve of the Quarto di Santa Chiara. An environment of charm, different, an area consisting of ancient lake beds, surrounded by high mountain ranges; a natural corridor between the Abruzzo National Park and the Majella National Park. The Abruzz

Monte Amaro

MONTE AMARO: access from the state highway 487, coming from the A25 motorway, exit Alanno / Scafa, then to Caramanico and further on until Passo San Leonardo, one of the winter routes with not high slopes that allow you to climb the highest peak of the Majella (2793). The proximity to the peaks makes it one of the most popular ski-mountaineering places in half of Europe.

The way of Campo Imperatore

The horseback ride that starts from the territory of the Province of Teramo, to get to Sulmona, after having crossed the Monti della Laga National Park area, is a challenging route as exciting for the riders who are committed to attack the Gran Sasso massif, which, seen from Castelli, will show all its grandeur, and then he wil