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Salsicciotto frentano (Presidio Slow Food)

It is a traditional cold meat of the high and middle valley of the Sangro and of the Aventino, a hilly area on the eastern slopes of the Majella along the course of the Sangro. Here the butchery has an ancient history, which dates back at least to the end of the 16th century. Fortunately this noble tradition was not lost.
Frentani sausages are pork sausages made with fine cuts: ham, shoulder, loin and capocollo. The meat is ground to medium grain and tanned with salt and pepper. The dough is stuffed into a natural gut and tied manually to the ends with a string. After a few days of rest, the salami is pressed under large wooden tables until it takes on the characteristic shape of a small irregular parallelepiped. Preservation sometimes happens even under lard or oil.
The butchers in this area who work their own meat are quite rare, but there is still a production that is based on locally raised pigs, as well as a home production. The Slow Food Presidium seeks to protect this production made only with pork, garlic and pepper; breeding and slaughtering must take place locally and the feeding of the pigs must be based on natural products without GMOs.

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