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Part of the history of Tagliacozzo is contained in its name: according to scholars, in fact, the toponym derives from "cut in the rock" and would indicate the slit that divides the mountain where the village has developed. Other chapters of this story are intertwined with the remains of the medieval walls that once protected the village along with the castle, now in ruins. But the story of Tagliacozzo is also made by great episodes: here Corradino di Svevia was defeated by Carlo D'Angiò and the fact is also remembered by Dante in the XXVIII canto of the Inferno. And to capture the essence of the village, it is necessary to arrive in its ancient heart: beyond the Roman arch, continuing towards the inside, there are houses, palaces and churches that seem to have come out of a distant time. Do not miss Piazza Obelisco and the Palazzo Ducale with its rich frescoes

Provincia: L'Aquila

CAP: 67069

Prefisso: 0863

Altitudine: 740m


42.0686395, 13.2517751

The Franciscan presence in the city had to be quite early and linked at first to a small church, Santa Maria extra muros, which a fifteenth-century document says consecrated in 1233. Unfortunately, nothing is visible from this primitive construction: the church was radically rebuilt and dedicated to Saint Francis in the 13th century.